A Delicious Place Pop-up Cinema

On the closing night of the Pame Kaimakli 2020 Festival, “A Delicious Place”* pop-up cinema, screened a series of eleven short video stories/documentaries relating to the thematic of food and communities. These were produced by A-Place partners and their extended network and focused on the role of food, at a time for environmental, social, economic, and health crisis. The documentation and presentation of the stories in Nicosia was an opportunity to connect all the partners with a particular topic, that of food, and despite the Covid-19 limitations to participate in a joint event with their stories, sounds and tastes. 

The documentaries showcase community actions taking place in Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Israel, Portugal, Slovenia and Cyprus. 

The following videos were presented: 

Not Just Food (ACRA Food Relations – Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany) 

To trattarisma (Natalia Panagiotou and EKYSI group) 

Kaimakli Gardens (Nikos Philippou and Christiana Stylianou, featuring Kaimakli Residents) 

Restaurant of stories revealed in a bowl (We Circle Collective and migrant residents, Cyprus) 

When the city loses its name (LaFundició, Spain) 

Multikulti Map (Multi Kulti Collective, Bulgaria) 

Foodshare Platform Abattoir (Faculteit Architectuur KU Leuven, Cultureghem and Samenlevingsopbouw, Belgium) 

Twix (BosserLive Festival, Israel) 

Diversity is tasty (MultiKulti Collective, Bulgaria) 

• “A Delicious Place-Lisbon” (NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Portugal) 

• “A Delicious Place-Ljubljana” (Prostorož, Fakulteta za arhitekturo Univerza v Ljubljani, & Permaculture Association of Slovenia, Slovenia)

*A Delicious Place was one of the placemaking actions led by Urban Gorillas in the framework of the A-Place project that is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme 2019-2023 of the European Commission.