Who we are

Designers, Visionaries and Activists

We are a multi-disciplinary team of creative urbanites united by their common vision and enthusiasm for constantly improving life in the city. Our team has a vivid interest to transform public spaces into lively, innovative and inclusive hubs, to cultivate civil society and to impact policies.  The organisation shares expertise in arts and architecture, urban design and planning, landscape design, environmental engineering, economics, communications, cultural project management, as well as a love for innovation. 
Since 2013, we have been active in city-making through urban regeneration, community engagement, and the implementation of socio-cultural and artistic projects in public spaces.

Our Mission

Transform Public Spaces into innovative, creative and inclusive hubs

At a time when approximately half of the world’s population are city dwellers, having a positive impact on our common urban spaces has become ever more important for maintaining creative and healthy cities.

We are driven constantly to investigate new solutions for sustainable urban futures; we undertake research-oriented design and invent new social processes for participation. 

Using diverse tools, we aspire to transform urban spaces into creative public environments through the dynamics of public interactions.

What we can do

Design, Engage Research

Urban Gorillas works with citizens, artists, schools, business, universities, NGOs and municipalities, adopting non-formal education practices and creative tools to transform urban places into sustainable hubs.
We offer human-centred solutions for urban design and planning which is backed up by research, design workshops, and community engagement.
We also create art projects, installations and experiences in public spaces while curating events and festivals.
Public space is our main ground of exploration where we create tailor-made and creative solutions to promote your activities and tell stories about ideas of positive social, urban and environmental impact.

Awards and Distinctions

Our work is renowned internationally and has been exhibited in some very important international venues, like the MaXXi Museum in Rome, the Venice Biennale of Architecture, and the Design Triennale in Milan. 

We have also received the prestigious “Outstanding Contribution Award” from the University of Nicosia for their contribution to the betterment of society. The work of Urban Gorillas is financed by the European Commission, the Ministry of Education and Culture in Cyprus, municipalities and various embassies across Cyprus.

The Team

Veronika Antoniou

Founding Member and Board Director

Yiorgos Hadjichristou

Project Manager and Board Director

Teresa Tourvas

Strategic Planner and Board Director

René Carraz

Innovation Researcher and Board Director

Ellada Evangelou

Dramaturge, Scholar, Cultural Worker and Board Director

Marina Kyriakou

Project manager and Board director

Despo Pasia

Art Manager and Board Director

Agni Gregoriou

Project Coordinator

Nafsika Hadjichristou

Documentary Filmmaker and Photographer

Eleni Philippou

External collaborator

Konstantina Chrysostomou

External Collaborator

Anna Merry

External Collaborator, Technical Advisor on Playful Design