Urban Playground: Urban Gorillas x Creatoyo

Urban Playground was a design thinking workshop led by Urban Gorillas for the CreaToyo event of Toyo University.

Urban PlayGround has addressed the issue of Social engagement at times of Social distancing through the use of Play. The idea of Play was used to create a framework around the topic of community building at times of social distancing. Play,  has been used  as a method to diagnose, highlight, record, and offer playful approaches in strengthening the idea of  communities through your proposals.

Students were invited to use the  Design thinking approach to develop proposals which articulated ideas of human connection through playful interventions in the city. 

The Workshop was part of a series of learning events in the context of the current European project A-Place which look at situation emerging from the pandemic in order to explore further the value of public spaces and the role of creativity in communities. The notion of Play was used as a point of departure in addressing the current limitations for social interactions.  Through Play we aimed to understand new ways of connecting and strengthening community ties, even within the current social distancing limitations.