RIJEKA 2020 – 27 Neighborhoods

Urban Gorillas is proud to have been part of the flagship project 27 Neighborhoods which was one of the initiatives of Rijeka 2020 European Capital of Culture.

The project brings together 27 neighbourhoods throughout Primorje-Gorski Kotar County and connecting each of them with a neighbourhood from one of the 27 member states of the EU, residents of islands, the coast, the hinterland, the mountain region, Rijeka and Europe will be connected through cooperation and the sharing of experiences, customs and everyday lives. Informal connections and networks of cooperation will be the foundation for future cultural activities that will last beyond 2020.

Urban Gorillas was associated with the Mrkopalj Neighborhood a rural area which was planned to become a venue for cultural events before the Covid-19. The Mrkopalj Neighborhood Program was focused on another important topic and what Mrkopalj is known and recognized for, and that is the School of Peace, through which the practice of advocating the important topic of peace integration and tolerance in society continues. With the pairing of Urban Gorillas our local district of Kaimakli we came to discuss issues related to conflict in our communities.

Even during the Covid-19 restrictions we have developed of valuable and good interpersonal relations with members of Members of Mrkopalj Neighborhood who visited us in Nicosia and where we continue our meetings through online events and panel discussions.