Urban Dinner – Urban Spectacle Series

On the 11th of December the Urban Dinner took place in Larnaca as a part of the Urban Spectacle public interventions series – read here

The Urban Dinner

The Urban Dinner proposed a theatrical stage of the act of dining where food became an art form and the act of eating an engaging,and participatory experience. Dinner organizers dined together with the general public in a playful, colorful and interactive manner.  Through this installation performance the team investigated how food can create connections with people that overcome social, cultural and ethnic divisions. Identity is obliterated; people were unified and connected despite their disparities. Through art and intersensory experiences we proposed new channels of communication and sharing between us.


Curatorial Team: Urban Gorillas

Artistic Direction:Veronika Antoniou, Mathieu Devavry

Gastronomy creation:Two little chefs in a green kitchen

Artistic Contribution:Teresa Tourvas, Athina Frenaritou, Evita Michaelides, Yiorgos Hadjichristou

Sound design:Mathieu Devavry

Set Design:Veronika Antoniou

Camera: Natalie Konyalian 

Photography: Natalie Konyalian  & Elysia Athanatos