OPEN KITCHENS is a co-creation tool in the form of a cooking and dining launched by Urban Gorillas. It aims to enhance the participatory aspect of the upcoming Pame Kaimakli 2020 festival by building a dialogue amongst diverse groups of people in a relaxed and inclusive manner.

OPEN KITCHENS is a continuation of a series of events presented in previous Pame Kaimakli editions (open doors, open windows, open houses, open courtyards). This event took place as an OPEN CALL addressing Kaimakli residents, artists, social practitioners, activists, academics and anyone interested in participating in the development of activities together with the migrant community of the area.

OPEN KITCHENS was a unique dining experience where residents of Kaimakli of diverse ethnic backgrounds with passion for cooking are hosted in the homes of local residents’ to stage dinners from around the world: chefs from Italy, Somalia, Japan, Syria, Phillipines, China, the Carribean were hosted in seven houses. In total, 77 participants from 15 different nationalities, from diverse paths of life and ages from 15-86 years old participated and distributed evenly amongst the seven dinners.