The ‘Urban Glenti’ installation took place at the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival of 2019 in the Buffer Zone of Nicosia next to the Home of Cooperation.

Urban Gorillas invited the wider public to rethink issues and activities related to the Buffer Zone. They looked into this liminal zone not merely as a negative repercussion of war or other detrimental human activities, but rather as an opportunity to think of an emergent festive urban realm.

Behind a grove of plants and trees, a stage of a courtyard emerged between two tents installed by the UN army by the Venetian walls along the moat of the Home of Cooperation.

The tents acted as a platform to accommodate a number of exhibitions of the ARC students work. These were displayed either as a hanging garden or as tables for Feast in dialogue with the mobile forest that surrounded them. 

The installation has accommodated various activities such the exhibition of the work of the Creative Center for Fluid Territories and the student exhibition “Time Synergies_Adaptive Architecture” of the Architecture Department of the University of Nicosia curated by Maria Hadjisoteriou and Yiorgos Hadjichristou curated the exhibition of the The Unit 6.