Engeki Quest: Secret Treasures in Cities- Orangcosong presentation and public discussion

In a notable gathering at the Agora, the Cyprus-based Urban Gorillas hosted a discussion with Orangcosong, an innovative art collective from Japan. Orangcosong, during its artistic residency in Cyprus, presented a distinctive approach to incorporating local life, community engagement, and historical context into its global projects. This event marks the beginning of a series of events organised by Urban Gorillas as part of the European Creative Rooftop Network (ECRN) project, funded by Creative Europe. The activities are co-curated by Urban Gorillas and the State Gallery of Contemporary Art – SPEL. Agora, a mobile and creatively designed structure by Urban Gorillas, serves as a dynamic space for open dialogue and cultural exchange. Currently situated on the rooftop of the SPEL building, Agora exemplifies the transformative power of architecture in public spaces. Funded by the Commonwealth Foundation and the JEC World Commemorative Fund.