Agora is a mobile structure designed by Urban Gorillas that aims to enhance public engagement by providing a platform for diverse voices to express themselves. Ingeniously designed, Agora’s flexible and ,modular structure allows for new spatial configurations to develop allowing for co-creation and creativity during its assembly. The structure remained at the open-air sports ground in Lefkara village for five days, providing a space to sit and relax during the festival.

The Japanese artist collective orangcosong introduced the innovative concept of silent communication through their performance ‘Hitsudankai – From now/here, Silence’ at Agora during the Afro Banana festival on July 14th, 2021.

‘Silence in the Agora’ workshop transformed the Agora into an oasis of non-verbal expression and tranquility. Festival-goers were invited to enter this space in silence, allowing for introspection and spiritual rejuvenation. Participants communicated silently, using boards for written and artistic expressions, fostering connections in a serene environment.

This activity was supported by the Commonwealth Foundation, A-Place, JEC Osaka World Commemorative Fund, and the Embassy of Japan in Cyprus.