Rooftop Stories: Reimagining sustainable Urban Living

The Urban Gorillas invite the public to interact with the spatial installation “Agora”, which is currently adopted on the rooftop of the SPEL building, and reimagine it as an urban garden and creatively express themselves on the themes of sustainability, social and artistic innovation.
A participatory planting activity will transform the modular and mobile structure of “Agora” into a temporary green oasis and will allow the cultivation of new conversations and the search for new fertile opportunities on our roofscape.
The planting will start at 16:00. From 18:00 a discussion will be facilitated between an interdisciplinary team of guests and the audience.

* This event is part of the activities of Urban Gorillas within the framework of the European Creative Rooftop Network project which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Funding Program as well as the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth.

** Agora, is a mobile structure thoughtfully designed by the Urban Gorillas with the support of the Commonwealth Foundation and the JEC World Commemorative fund, currently installed at Sessions × SPEL’s rooftop, the Cloud. This event is part of the public laboratories series that Agora is designed to host