Urban Entrepreneurship: Opportunities in times of uncertainty

The Centre for Entrepreneurship of the University of Cyprus and Urban Gorillas with the support of PwC Cyprus present the summer semester course:

Urban Entrepreneurship: Opportunities in times of uncertainty, a design thinking workshop that will take place from the 2nd to the 9th of July, and is open to University of Cyprus students of all disciplines.

In order to respond to our current challenges of urban lifestyles as well as the new changes brought about with the Covid-19 pandemic, the workshop aims to spark the interest of the participants and address solutions to the multifaceted topics of urban entrepreneurship.

What are the challenges that cities globally, but more specifically in Cyprus, face today? How can these problems be seen as creative potentials? How do we position ourselves as entrepreneurs and human beings in the current urban realities?

The workshop aims to develop creative solutions to address social, urban, strategic, and organisational problems, through the development of prototypes that could lead to business proposals.