Imagining School Yards

A series of workshops on collaborative design for schoolyards were held in conjunction with the 5th grade of the 3rd Primary School of Palouriotissa and the Department of Architecture at the University of Cyprus. The workshops resulted in a series of innovative, colourful and creative proposals.

Following a comprehensive survey conducted by our partner Despo Pasia between October and December, we identified several key needs for children in the schoolyard. These included shade, play, privacy, green areas and wide hang-out/sitting areas. To develop potential solutions, we engaged with Popi Iacovou, a lecturer at the Architecture Department of the University of Cyprus, who led a study of the work of the prominent modernist architect Stavros Economou.

A series of co-creative sessions were held between university and primary school students, with the aim of improving the schoolyard. The results of these sessions formed the basis for the physical transformations in the schoolyard, designed by Urban Gorillas.

The workshop series are part of the Erasmus+ European programme ‘LOCUS: Creative place-making – the path to active European citizenship’ and is actively supported by the Parents Association of the 3rd Primary School of Palouriotissa.