JEC- Japanese Artist Residency

The residency of OrangCosong in Nicosia, Cyprus from 4th-25th July was a significant collaboration and cultural exchange visible in the city’s dynamic cultural landscape. Over the course of three weeks, the principal members of the Japanese artistic collective, Chikara Fujiwara and Minori Sumiyoshiyama, engaged daily with the local community through a series of interactive workshops, public installations, and cultural exchanges. The focal point of their residency was the innovative installation of the Agora, a modular, mobile structure that transformed urban spaces into hubs of creative expression and public engagement.

The Agora was situated at various key locations across Nicosia, including the bustling Afro Banana Festival and the iconic SPEL building rooftop, where the Japanese artists became active team members for the assembly. The Agora served as a platform for OrangCosong’s notable ‘silent workshop’, which showcased OrangCosong’s signature approach to blending subtle artistic interventions with the dynamic energy of a Mediterranean festival.

During their residency, OrangCosong’s presence served as a catalyst for new connections and inspirations, as evidenced by their engagements with significant cultural stakeholders such as the Embassy of Japan and the Cyprus Japan Friendship Association. Building on this successful cultural exchange, plans are underway for a continued collaboration involving a thorough research on Nicosia’s urban spaces. This future project aims to develop a guided map and a comprehensive publication, further enriching the understanding and appreciation of the city’s unique urban landscape.

The residency was made possible through the JEC World Commemorative Fund.