In a remarkable display of art, community spirit, and a vision for unity, Nicosia became the canvas for an innovative artistic project across our divided city! Urban Gorillas invited the Belgian artist Larsen Bervoets for a residency where he collaborated with young citizens from both sides of the island. Together, they unveiled a stunning rooftop artwork that symbolically bridges the gap between the northern and southern parts of Nicosia, transcending the barriers of the UN Green Line in the historic heart of the city! Larsen’s bold vision was brought to life on two strategically chosen rooftops, transforming the city’s skyline with a positive message of hope and unity. The southern segment of the project saw the transformation of an unused single-storey workshop building into a stunning rooftop painting. This artwork celebrates the rich craftsmanship of the local neighbourhood, while offering a magnificent view from the roof of Nicosia Town Hall directly opposite.This project sends a profound message about the power of art to unite people across physical and metaphorical divides. The Rooftop Landmark Project took place in various cities across Europe and was an initiative as part of the European Creative Rooftop Network (ECRN). Urban Gorillas is a main partner, with co-funding from the Creative Europe Funding Programme, the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, and the Commonwealth Foundation. The project benefited from the active participation and contributions of bi-communal groups and civil society organisations (CSOs), including UWC Cyprus, Avli, Birlikte_μαζι, Cypology, Hade, Bubble Out and Let’s Talk Period Cyp. Their enthusiastic involvement not only enhanced the appearance of the buildings, but also reflected their commitment to a united Cyprus. We would like to extend our gratitude to Peletico for sponsoring the paint that brought our creative visions to life.