Urban Gorillas announces Urban Playground”, this years thematic of Pame Kaimakli festival which is a celebration of play, discovery and human interactions in public spaces. As the current global pandemic persists to transform the way we live, this years’ thematic highlights the importance of public spaces to enable human connections as well as the need to create correlations between humans, city and nature. 

In our fast paced societies where leisure is a repressed human right Urban Gorillas proposes to rethink city spaces as a ground to accommodate places that are universally playful and inclusive for citizens of all classes, nationalities, ages, genders and abilities.

Urban Playground explores the idea of play in public spaces as a tool for social and spatial interactions, sociability, co-creation and coexistence with the natural environment. 

Through planned events and open calls, it seeks to design playful explorations of the neighbourhood while stressing values of empathy, camaraderie and connection with the local community. The event invites residents and visitors to explore their urban environment through playful tools and interventions and to embrace a new reading of the urban open spaces as our common meeting ground.

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*The festival is taking place with the funding from the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Educations and Culture.