The Potential of Agora Workshop

This workshop series was a dynamic collaboration between Urban Gorillas and The Architecture Research Centre of Nicosia University. Under the approach of ‘living classes’ of the Arch 101 – Introduction to Architectural Design, first-year architecture students participated in enriching workshops at the State Gallery of Contemporary Art- SPEL in Nicosia, as part of the SESSIONS x SPEL series. Fourteen installations were proposed, each dealing with a different aspect of humanity, including notions of inclusion, empathy, catalysts for social interactions, and other elements.
Charis Iacovou’s workshop focused on the relationship between body, space, and architectural elements. Demetris Chimonas and Lex Gregoriou presented their innovative approach to reimagining interior spaces for diverse communities. The students continued their investigations into the potential of the AGORA, a mobile structure designed by the NGO Urban Gorillas with the support of the Commonwealth Foundation and the JEC World Commemorative Fund. Currently located at the Sessions x SPEL at the Cloud, it forms part of a project under the European Creative Rooftop Network, which highlights the interplay of architecture and social dynamics.

Tutors: Angela Petrou, Afra Omidi, Demetris Ktorides and Yiorgos Hadjichristou.