Pame Kaimakli Festival 2023 : Ιστορίες άλλωςΦώς

The Pame Kaimakli Festival 2023 marked its 10th anniversary with a celebration centered around the theme of “Ιστορίες άλλωςΦώς” (Stories in a New Light). Throughout the festival, attendees were immersed in a variety of events and experiences designed to illuminate the rich history and culture of the Kaimakli neighborhood.

Maintaining its open and participatory character, this year’s edition created a framework for artistic events, works, narratives and installations that reshape history by connecting memories to people and places, while reframing the local within the global.

Walking events guided participants through the streets of Kaimakli, where light and shadow transformed familiar landscapes into evocative scenes from the past. Multimedia presentations and interactive exhibits invited visitors to engage with stories from different generations and backgrounds, fostering a sense of unity and understanding among attendees.

The festival prioritized inclusivity, shining a spotlight on the stories of marginalized social groups and highlighting the contributions of immigrants and the elderly. Through performances, installations, and discussions, Pame Kaimakli 2023 provided a platform for dialogue and connection across diverse communities.

The festival left a lasting impact on over 3000 visitors, showcasing the power of storytelling to bridge divides and build relationships. In total, 28 activities were presented by 48 artists, architects, performers in 28 different locations including private houses, coffee shops, squares, car parks, school yards and the church.