Our most ambitious project to date, Green Urban Lab acts as a tool in regenerating urban public spaces in Cyprus, and reclaiming public spaces in four main cities across the island. The project introduces public space as a vital part of everyday urban life: the streets we transverse for our daily routines, the piazzas where we sit to relax, the places where our children play, the squares where diverse communities of migrants socialise. Green Urban Lab is designed to raise awareness on the importance of public spaces in developing socially, economically and environmentally sustainable cities.

The Green Urban Lab takes the form of a public installation with a flexibly designed structure that will be placed at various locations in cities around Cyprus.

The project will take shape in four main phases: experimentation and design, building and installation, travel from city to city; research and publication of findings, that will inform further actions in the Cyprus’ cities.

Key to the ethos of this project, we will be working collaboratively throughout each phase, endorsing a participatory democratic approach. Our aim is to bring together the general public, youth groups and migrant communities in their interaction with and use of public spaces around our cities. Our research will also include the views, needs and perceptions of each city’s residents.

For this project we are working in partnership / collaboration / cooperation with the Architecture Research Centre of the University of Cyprus and a local plant nursery Dendros Ltd.

Green Urban Lab is made possible through a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants and by the Republic of Cyprus through the Planning Bureau.