Women NGOs active in peace-building presentation: A Georgian-Abkhazian study visit

Our office welcomed twenty women from Georgia and Abkhazia on Saturday November 4th
2017, as part of their study visit in the island to meeting women in pioneering positions and
NGOs active in bi-communal actions.

Kindly approached we prepared a morning of getting to know Kaimakli (our work
neighbourhood) and a short presentation of our urban work and bi-communal projects.
Hoping to encourage these women going through a geographical and political conflict –
much similar to the situation in Cyprus – Urban Gorillas was proudly part of this initiative to
inspire peace-building.

Giving an insight into our vision towards a culture of peace, the Gorillas team hopes to
motivate individuals to create grounded collaborations and take them to the streets.
The study visit is part of the ‘Women Leadership’ project by the Association of women of
Abhkazia and in collaboration with Georgian Cultural-Humanitarian Fund ‘Sukhumi’.