Urban Gorillas was funded by Tandem Europe program during a year to explore innovative approaches to culture with the Milanese partner Non Riservato. UG and NR have created PS:MiNi Network, to broaden and strengthen expertise with regards to public space (PS) innovation. PS:MiNi (Public Space: Milano-Nicosia) explored the idea of “virtual residencies” inconnection to local communities, as a way to explore global networking tools. The network connected and fostered collaboration between diverse stakeholders in Milano and Nicosia that are engaged in PS interventions and community engagement through artistic, economic, cultural and socially-engaged actions. The network discussed challenges faced in both countries such as cultural diversity, transient societies, lack of social cohesion, and the desire to foster creative communities. The PS:MiNi Network experimented throughout the process with “virtual” residencies adopting IoT tools to overcome geographical disparities and examine new ways of communicating “localities” while undertaking transborder spatial interventions. “Virtual” residencies will realised through the connection of artists and community members from the corresponding partner city. The project presented the work of the associated artists in two public space festivals, one in Milano, The Pixel PicNic and Pame Kaimakli in Nicosia. Urban Gorillas collaborated with artist Mathieu Devavry who presented the project ¨Sous la pluie¨in Pixel PicNiC