July 8th – 12th, 2022 & Selected days for workshops in June

Πάμε Καϊμακλί / Let’s Go Kaimakli is a neighbourhood festival launched in 2013 by the residents of the Kaimakli district and since 2015 in collaboration with Urban Gorillas. From a series of ad-hoc informal events taking place in the private houses of the neighbours, the Festival has grown into an event welcoming acclaimed artists and presenting experiential   socio-cultural projects;  it became a cross-disciplinary place where local meets global.

It is an annual community event that  explores ideas of publicness, co-creation and community engagement through creative interventions with the collaboration of residents and artists.

This year’s thematic of Pame Kaimakli festival is a celebration of play, discovery and human interactions in public spaces!

Are you interested to be part of a playful, fulfilling and inspiring experience during this years’ festival in the following sectors/activities ?

– Organisation during the festival, help with the different site activities

– Graphic Skills

– Assist in research/survey

– Communications – Promotion of the activities

– Photography, during the Festival Workshops

– Help international artists

Please send us an email, as a single pdf at:

by MAY 31ST 2022, including:

1. Your motivation letter (up to 100 words)

2. Short bio (up to 100 words)

3. Contact Details

4. Indicate your Area of interest and availability