MAPS: Mobile ‘Agora’ for Participatory Spaces

We are super proud and delighted to be the first organisation in Cyprus to receive the prestigious Commonwealth Foundation grant!

Our project proposal for MAPS: Mobile ‘Agora’ for Participatory Spaces has been one of the 17 projects accepted for funding -out of over 780 applications- and a new project is about to begin!

A few words about the project:

Departing from the notion of democracy as “the government of the people”, MAPS focuses on participatory processes in public spaces and the urban commons; it reorganises city spaces into the fundamental subject of democratic governance and gives citizens a platform to exercise “their right to the city”.

To implement our project we plan to work with youth and marginalised communities and make a series of events generating innovative, creative expressions in public spaces -across both sides of the divided capital, Nicosia.

We would do much more:

Through collaborative building workshops we will build a mobile green structure, the ‘Agora’ that will appropriate different parts of the city into a public realm!

*The featuring map was created by Andreas Papallas and Dominiki Elia in 2014