“Restaurant of Stories Revealed in a Bowl”

In the framework of the neighbourhood festival “Pame Kaimakli 2020”, Urban Gorillas is carrying out community workshops through an open call.  We Circle Collective is one of the selected projects. The heterogeneous collective is undertaking social action through art projects, performances, workshops, community leisure and awareness events. Their passion is to tackle socio-political and ecological issues by involving the community in promoting universal access to knowledge and creativity.

‘Restaurant of Stories Revealed in a Bowl’ is a project of We Circle Collective which aims to connect residents of Kaimakli beyond prejudice or taboo. Through personalised, sensorial and artistic experience, participants will have the opportunity to learn creative skills, engage with each other and recall memories. Persons of various cultural backgrounds and Kaimakli residents are invited to participate in a series of professional creative workshops that combine different artistic disciplines. As the final stage of the project, the participants will present a performative dinner, with dishes, stories and performances from all around the world!  

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“Trattarisma” Theatre Workshop with EKYSY

In the framework of “Pame Kaimakli 2020” neighbourhood festival, Urban Gorillas is carrying out community workshops through an open call. Jasmine (Γιασεμίν) group is one of the selected projects. Its activities give space and time to people who are marginalised by society and to whom Art would not have reached otherwise. Through a series of…

“Activating the Publicscape. The case of Urban Gorillas”

“Activating the Publicscape. The case of Urban Gorillas” is a journal article under the “Art and Activism in Public Space” issue of The Journal of Public Space. It describes the story of Urban Gorillas following the aftermath of the 2013 socio-economic crisis in Cyprus, where the notion of publicness was deeply shaken. Urban Gorillas has…

Outstanding Contribution Award

Urban Gorillas has received the annual honorary award (Outstanding Contribution Award) by the University of Nicosia in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the betterment of society. The award was given at the graduation ceremony for the master program of the University of Nicosia.

Women NGOs active in peace-building presentation: A Georgian-Abkhazian study visit

Our office welcomed twenty women from Georgia and Abkhazia on Saturday November 4th 2017, as part of their study visit in the island to meeting women in pioneering positions and NGOs active in bi-communal actions. Kindly approached we prepared a morning of getting to know Kaimakli (our work neighbourhood) and a short presentation of our…