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GREEN URBAN LAB | Life Inside_Outside a Bubble
Call open now_Deadline 25 January 2015

Urban Gorillas are seeking creative interactive projects to be hosted in our site-specific, specially designed inflatables that will act as urban interventions and temporary indoor / outdoor spaces. The installations will appear in public spaces all over Cyprus from 15 March 2015 to 5 April 2015. Send us your idea and be part of an initiative to regenerate public spaces across the island.

Funding: We are able to offer each selected project a small budget to assist in hiring equipment to facilitate the activity. The total available for all the cities and all the activities to be hosted is EUR4,000. This amount will be distributed among the final selection of proposals.

Send your proposals to:

What we will need from you:

– A short description of your idea / activity (150 words maximum)
– A short description of how you will manage the activity (logistics, practicalities)
– A short description of equipment/technical set up you will need, and related costs (Funding is available towards the
– A short description of how you plan to promote your activity
– An indication of the target groups for your activity. How will you involve the public and passers-by?
– Which venues, dates and times of day would you like to host your activity?
– Will your activity be a one-off, or would you like to repeat it in more than one location?
– Your proposal should not be more than one to two pages in length. We welcome photos and links as supporting material to accompany your proposal; these attachments must not exceed 3MB.

Visit Facebook Event Page for full details.

This Open Call is taking place within the framework of the Green Urban Lab (GUL), an Urban Gorillas initiative that is made possible with funding from the EEA Grants / Norway Grants.


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