The Urban Gorillas team undertakes creative, participatory actions and pop-up installations within urban settings. These interventions are typically temporary or ephemeral in nature. We care about their aesthetic and functional value, how they visually transform typical underutilised public spaces, their adaptation by citizens and the change they inspire in the people who witness them. Through our various initiatives, and using a creative and innovative approach, we work to bring the city’s diverse communities and individuals closer together, and to shine light on topics such as the use of public space, green mobility, and sustainable lifestyles.

Our interdisciplinary lab approach means we seek partnerships with other organisations, artists, urban activists, entrepreneurs, students, architects, researchers and volunteers, in Cyprus, and anywhere in the world. We work closely with municipalities and local authorities. We believe that it is through the power of collaboration that we can make our cities more lively, sustainable, liveable, interactive, beautiful and more accessible to all who reside in them.

Above all we value dialogue with our fellow urban dwellers and enthusiasts. Through our online interactive platform we invite you to spark a discussion, share your ideas to build a project together, pinpoint a public space on our interactive map that needs attention, offer your time on an intervention, join our activities, and bring positive change to your city.

+Not an island
We are constantly brewing ideas and working hard to initiate innovative projects from the ground up, and we actively seek partnerships with other organisations in Cyprus and globally to collaborate on areas of common interest. If you are working on a project relating to cities and urban life and are seeking a partner organisation, we’d love to hear from you.

+Like minds
Are you carrying out research studies on cities, sustainable urban living, the use of public spaces and other related topics? Research is a key area that informs our work, keeping us in check with current themes, trends and developments, and helping us ensure our work remains both relevant and cutting edge. If you are a group, individual or organisation seeking a research partner on topics relating to cities, sustainable living and urban studies, get in touch.

+Business unusual
Are you a socially responsible company launching a new idea, product or space? Hire our creative team to help. From tailored guerrilla marketing campaigns to conceptualising an event or activity and the design and creative use of a space to promote your business, we can develop a customised package of services to meet your needs.